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The Oldmulla Mark was inspired by the old professions of the more rural areas, in Portugal of old and at the time when, the animals had an important role notably, in agriculture.

Old - Old
Mulla - Portuguese word meaning Mule

OldMulla means old work force, a link between the worker and the animals capable of withstanding the arduous tasks of the field.

The mule is a hybrid mammal originating from the crossing of the male donkey with the mare or, alternatively, the female donkey with the horse. By virtue of the irregular number of chromosomes of this union, it is an animal of sterile rule, that is, it does not reproduce.

We also intend to cross "chromosomes" in our footwear, crossing the footwear of the former with the modern lines.

The user OldMulla is irreverent and will feel unique.
All OldMulla footwear is handcrafted.




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