Leather Care

The care of your boots are quite important for their durability. The basic leather care is divided into two processes: cleaning and conditioning.


Cleaning Leather

1. With a soft brush lightly brush the boots thoroughly to remove dust and surface dirt.

2. Use a clean, damp cloth to clean the dirt that is difficult to remove

3. If there is thick dirt or mud that doesn't come off easily, use a leather cleaning product that can be applied directly to the leather, then brush the boots with light pressure to remove more dirt.

4. Using a clean and dry cloth remove the dirt and the excess of debris from the cleaning

5. Only dry in the open air. BEST POSSIBLE DRYING FOR LEATHER

Suede Exception: for suede boots, you will need a suitable cleaning brush that smoothes out and evenly covers the entire suede. It will be good before using the boots to put waterproofing.



with use, leather becomes dry and needs to be reconditioned to maintain its strength and durability and avoid cracks. The frequency of conditioning depends on a few factors such as the leather, the way you wear the boots and the climate.

For frequently worn boots, you may want to condition up to four times a year. If your boots are infrequently worn, conditioning once a year will suffice.

Signs that your boots need conditioning include stiffness or a dry feeling to the touch.
You should not allow the leather to become stiff and dry to the point of producing cracks and breaking the surface.

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