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Tejo Boots Military Sole

Tejo Boots Military Sole

Handmade by George Family from Portugal 🇵🇹

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Are OldMulla Boots made in Portugal?

Are OldMulla Boots long lasting?

The general consensus is if you're wearing these boots almost every day, they'll probably last for +4 years before needing to be replaced. If you're able to change them out with other shoes throughout the week, they'll last longer, probably closer to +5-6 years.

Product Features

  • Natural Premium Leather Boot
  • Resole Boots
  • Military-Style Sole
  • Eyelets in metal 
  • Fully Leather-Lined
  • Handmade in Portugal 🇵🇹

Our shoes and boots are made of genuine leather, so the hues and colors may vary from the photos shown. No two leather are alike.

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A boot based on traditions and redesigned for today.
Boots produced by hand and in which each pair is made with meticulous attention to detail and built to last. The time-tested construction allows the boots to be worn for years of use, and the leather is durable and durable and with character over time.

Today's vintage boot is easily adaptable to everyday life, allowing you a unique style and differentiating from other boots. Our regular customers are city people who are looking for vintage shoes, used by executives because it goes well with a suit, Motorcycle and Coffee Racers lovers and for special occasions.
  • Natural Leather Boot
  • Leather Sole with Rubber Covers
  • Eyelets in metal 
  • Fully Leather-Lined
  • Handmade in Portugal 

Our shoes and boots are made of genuine leather, so the hues and colors may vary from the photos shown. No two leather are alike.

Leather Sole with Rubber Covers


The user OldMulla is irreverent and will feel unique.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Aleksandr L.
Great quality and customer service!

The boots are very high quality with sewn construction (not sure if a goodyear welted or stitched-down). The leather and the outsole are also really descent.
I've ordered my "true to size" and it was too tight of a fit, but exchanged with no issues! (42 in trainers -> 1 size up to 43)
Thanks to George and his family for help, support and quality products!

Gergely Gyarmati
More than satisfied

I really don't think you can squeeze more out of a pair of boots at this price range. Probably the only things I can complain about are the shoelaces because I had to retie them every now and then, but it's nothing a double tie doesn't fix. The leather quality is great for the price but don't expect anything too thick. The boots are beautifully lined, break in quite quickly, have rapid blake stitched soles (not blake stitched, which is great), and the outsoles themselves are on the softer side with great traction. Despite the military soles they managed to make it look very tasteful. The boots just scream handmade, in a good way. OldMulla really hit the nail in it's head with this one, and I can barely resist ordering another pair, even if I don't need more. :)

Great Boots!

Love the style and the look! Seems quality hand made boots. First walk in them was comfortable!

Bartholomew Trzciński

Tejo Boots Military Sole

Brandy Cannedy

Tejo Boots Military Sole